Costs of living in London

London is expensive and it feels worse when you see your financial basement thinning straight after arrival. So the necessary amount for a newcomer for one month in London before getting the first salary may vary depending on several main aspects described below.
To start with accommodation, it should be mentioned that staying at friends’ place would normally cost about 5 pounds per night. If there are no acquaintances in London, would be better to live in a hostel with several people in the room that will cost about 70-100 pounds per week plus 5-10 pounds for a key deposit. Sharing a house of 5-6 rooms between 15 people can cost 60-90 pounds per week plus monthly deposit plus bills. Choosing between a house and a hostel can be based not only on financial circumstances of a one but also on how much he values his privacy: normally a room in a house is shared by 3 people when a one in a hostel is shared by 8 tenants.
Describing how transport options look, it is necessary to mention that a good option is buying an Oyster Card straight on arrival because Transport for London recommend using those due to discounts even up to 50%. Travelcards work well as daily (up to 9 pounds), weekly (about 15 pounds), monthly (about 100 pounds) or annually (cost depend). So obviously having sorted out the period of time you need the card for, can count the price. Travelcard covers not only underground but also bus fares. If you’re lucky to use buses only—there’s a reason to buy a bus pass. All zone one daily costs about 5 pounds, weekly–15, monthly–50. Good to remember that prices change every January…
Prices for eating in London depend on a one’s preferences. Takeaways or dining out every night will make money go faster while weekly buying food for the next week at a supermarket can safe a bit as can cost even up to 20 pounds weekly. For instance if to go to Asda or Iceland –they would offer more deals than Tesco and Morrison’s, and Waitrose with Marks and Spencer are regarded to be of more expensive supermarkets. Corner stores’ food is more expensive but not much practical as no guarantee it is of good quality. Except of maybe beer that can cost 6 pounds…
So, the final amount that a one should possess for the first month in London absolutely depends on a situation he expects himself to appear in. In case of starting job hunting straight on arrival and staying at friends’ waiting for the first payslip—approximately 600 pounds should be ok.
If there are no acquaintances in London who could show you round and consult over cheaper places regarding buying food, clothes and explaining transportation options, if to live in a hostel—minimum 800 pounds required . When a one is planning to share a house when looking for work, then he is to have 600—1800 pounds on him. In this case 600—800 pounds could be paid for accommodation (including monthly rent and a monthly deposit plus bills) and all the rest finance—to be paid for food and transport. Also, we can’t but admit that due to different circumstances there’s always a chance to get into a financial crisis, the way out of which is sometimes hard to be found. To sort this situation out there can be an option of a payday loan. But claiming for a loan presupposes a one’s being employed because the loans are to be paid back on the next payday.

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Best Restorant in London to go with an escort

London is a place where you can meet people of different nationalities and that is why there are a lot of restaurants with cuisine that was borrowed from foreigners. In London you can taste the Asian cuisine, French, traditional English, Italian and many others. Look through the following list of London restaurants that can boast with delicious dishes made according to the recipes of different nationalities.
Novikov (Asian cuisine)
In 2011 in London the delightful Asian restaurant opened its doors at the Mayfair heart. It occupies three floors. Novikov Restaurant & Bar are divided into two lunch zones and lounge-bar. The Asian restaurant specializes in the Chinese and Pan-Asiatic kitchens. The menu is created by well known and skilled Japanese chef Jeff Tyler. He is known for the love to experiments with different tastes and ingredients. His hits are the Kamchatka crab in Penang sause, pork in spicy glaze, mutton chops and a black cod soup.

Petrus (French cuisine)
Petrus is one of the most refined restaurants of the Knightsbridge region. Magnificent interior, excellent wine map and refined menu of the modern French cuisine – all you can find at this wonderful restaurant. The founder and the owner of this restaurant is the well-known British chef and the TV anchorman Gordon Ramsay who owns some known restaurants in London. The spice of the restaurant is the possibility of excursion to the restaurant heart — kitchen, where you can observe the professionalism of the best chefs and taste some dishes.

Scalini (Italian cuisine)
The inexpressible atmosphere of comfort and magnificence waits for you at this restaurant. Here everything is filled with rest and authentic dignity. Everything here is created to help clients to get esthetic pleasure. Details of an interior are made in classical Italian style. And the menu is an embodiment of unique Italy, with a subtle of almost inaudible shade of Sicily which shrouds and dips you in unforgettable magic of taste.

Scott’s (Seafood restaurant)
If you want to take pleasure of fresh and tasty seafood, it is necessary to visit this place. Here you will be able to taste a wide range of various seafood dishes prepared differently. The restaurant offers the best oysters, fish, and crayfish dishes. Dishes prepared according to a season will please you and will harmonically connect you to the nature. Scott’s offers the wide range of vegetarian dishes.

Sketch (French cuisine)
The restaurant is situated in London. It is specialized in French cuisine which was adopted at the popular Michelin. Here everything is performed at the top-level: faultless service, cute DJ, a rotating exhibition of arts, and the surrealistic decorating created by Bell Marcus Lawson.

The Square (French cuisine)
The Square restaurant in London has four components which make it a good restaurant: tasty food, excellent wine, polite personnel and comfortable location. The hall of The Square is the refined place made in classical style where it will be pleasant to celebrate business deal, a special event or just to have dinner. Excellent seasonal ingredients are well cooked, elegantly and carefully decorated, and served beautifully.

Zuma (Japanese cuisine)
The basic rule of Zuma includes the absolute quality of products and allegiance to Japanese culinary traditions. The peculiarity of the restaurant is in the presence of the first sommelier of sake who not only will help you to make a choice from the wide range of dishes, but also will recommend to taste the cocktails made on the sake basis. Zuma is near the well-known Harrods shopping center, but it is recommended to be book a table in advance, because Zuma nowadays is considered one of the most fashionable Japanese restaurants of London.

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